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Welcome to the website of Mark Hackley.

Mark is not a country star by industry standards. He doesn't wear make up, doesn't run and jump around on a big stage, doesn't travel to many shows out of his homestate of Virginia. Yet, people everywhere enjoy his songs. He reaches the masses online while he lives a normal work and family life in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Proficient on the piano and guitar, he is a gifted songwriter and musician, publishing four albums: "Family Man In Crisis", "Hurricane", "Road to Paradise", and "Changed Life".

On this site, Mark hopes you will listen to some of his music and consider purchasing a CD or an individual song download. You may also want to hire him to provide entertainment for a personal or corporate event, or consider using his songs for your own music project. As a DVT/PE survivor, Mark is a committed advocate for blood clot awareness and supports the National Blood Clot Alliance, to help others learn about blood clots. Enjoy...

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